The Partnership for Connecticut

Leadership Staff

The Partnership is governed by its directors and led by a President and CEO, who will advance long-term strategic planning as well as lead the day-to-day management oversight for all operations.

The Partnership's governing board will hire the President and CEO.  The Partnership will design an organizational chart, create staff positions, and make initial hiring decisions in the first year of its operations.

President and CEO

The Partnership is currently hiring for this position, and expects that the competitive search process will successfully conclude by March 2020.  The job description is available here.

The President and CEO will work with the Partnership’s governing board, community stakeholders, youth leaders, and other experts to achieve positive, long-term outcomes for high school-aged youth and communities across Connecticut.  He or she will lead with integrity and possess the drive and essential capabilities to realize the transformative results envisioned by the Partnership. 

The leader's responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

Design and advance the Partnership’s strategy:

  • Develop and implement the strategic plan as approved by the governing board
  • Direct the preparation and administration of the annual budget
  • Oversee the processes for attracting, vetting, supporting, and evaluating programs, consistently rebalancing the portfolio of activities to pursue maximum impact and sustainability
  • Set measurable impact objectives for the portfolio and systematically track and report on progress and outcomes
  • Lead the organization’s efforts to constantly learn, adapt, and innovate

Develop and lead the Partnership’s stakeholder engagement efforts:

  • Convene community stakeholders to ensure all voices are heard and involved, leading to stronger programming and outcomes
  • Represent the Partnership professionally and oversee its communications strategy
  • Partner with the governing board and key stakeholders in securing funds, corporate investment, ongoing political support, and community-based support for the Partnership