The Partnership for Connecticut

Partnership Goals

Our mission is to expand upward mobility in Connecticut by connecting disengaged and disconnected high school-aged youth to educational and career opportunities, and by supporting economic development in under-resourced communities through microfinance and social entrepreneurship.

The Partnership will support communities with a high poverty rate and where youths and young adults between the ages of 14 to 24 are showing signs of disengagement or disconnection from high school, the workforce, or the community.

Our primary objectives are to help young people graduate from high school and connect to career opportunities, and to bring together individuals, organizations, and communities across the state to work for the betterment of our common community.

Consider the potential represented by tens of thousands of young people in need of support and opportunity.  If Connecticut could re-engage at least half of the 39,000 youth who are disengaged and disconnected from high school, the long-term benefit to the state in terms of economic value could reach $3 billion.  In doing so, the state would benefit from:

  • 2,000 more students graduating high school each year, raising Connecticut's graduation rate to the highest in the country at 94%
  • 8,000 more jobs created for young residents (ages 18-35), which would reduce the rate of youth unemployment in the state by 16%
  • Over time, an estimated 4,000 fewer people incarcerated, which in and of itself—at an average cost per inmate of $50,000 per year—equates to $200 million in savings1

With this potential in mind, the Partnership's governing board and staff will set measurable long-term goals in the first year of its operations.  The Partnership will assess and report on its progress for the benefit of stakeholders and the general public.


Parthenon-EY Education Practice, Untapped Potential: Engaging all Connecticut Youth, September 2016