The Partnership for Connecticut

Governing Board

The Partnership for Connecticut, Inc. is a newly-formed independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to carry out the Partnership's philanthropic mission.  The governing board oversees and governs the non-profit organization.

Reflecting the Partnership's collaborative and bipartisan nature, the governing board is comprised of the following directors through January 5, 2021:

      • The Honorable Joe Aresimowicz, Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives
      • Kerwin K. Charles, Dean and Professor of Economics, Policy & Management, Yale School of Management
      • Erik Clemons, CEO and President, Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology
      • Barbara Dalio, Co-Founder and Director, Dalio Philanthropies
      • The Honorable Len Fasano, Minority Leader of the Connecticut Senate
      • Sheena Graham, Educator, Warren G. Harding High School, Bridgeport Public Schools
      • Jan Hochadel, President, American Federation of Teachers, Connecticut
      • The Honorable Themis Klarides, Minority Leader, Connecticut House of Representatives
      • The Honorable Ned Lamont, Governor of Connecticut
      • The Honorable Martin M. Looney, President Pro Tempore of the Connecticut Senate
      • Yvette Meléndez, Founder and President, YMR Consulting
      • Garrett M. Moran, former President, Year Up
      • The Partnership's President and CEO

The President and CEO will be appointed once hired, which is expected by late fall after a competitive search process.

The governing board is one platform for engagement and there will be others, assuring broad representation of interested parties.  Individual directors were appointed based on their integrity and experience in public education, youth development, workforce development, philanthropy, or community enterprise development, including social entrepreneurship and microfinance.  To learn more about the directors, please read their individual biographies here

 October 2019 Organizational Meeting

The Partnership for Connecticut convened its organizational meeting on October 18, 2019 in New Haven, Connecticut. Here are key organizational documents as well as materials that the governing board discussed and acted upon during the meeting:

The Board of Directors approved the October 18, 2019 meeting minutes at its meeting on December 16, 2019.

 December 2019 Board Meeting

The Partnership for Connecticut convened a meeting of its Board of Directors on December 16, 2019 in New Haven, Connecticut.  Here are the materials that the Board discussed and acted upon during the meeting:

Directors will consider the draft meeting minutes for approval at the next board meeting.