The Partnership for Connecticut


How does the Partnership provide information to the public?

We are deeply committed to transparency and provide information to the public in the following ways: 

  • We actively maintain this website to make information available and easily accessible;
  • We have provided public notice for the Board’s first organizational meeting and this website will make meeting materials available;
  • Elected officials who serve on the Board are subject to the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) and the Partnership supports them in making records within their possession accessible to the public;
  • We will organize multiple forums to solicit input from the community and share information around programming, strategy, and grant-making; and
  • We will provide semi-annual reports to the Governor, Legislature, and general public regarding our progress, challenges, learnings, and priorities.

Will the five elected officials who serve on the Board comply with FOIA?

Yes.  Five elected officials serve on the Board because of their position as public office holders and their commitment to education and improving outcomes for at-risk youth and young adults.  Records in the possession of these ex officio members will be subject to disclosure under FOIA in response to a proper request.  Records within the possession of Board members and staff who are not ex officio members as public office holders are not subject to FOIA. 

How will the public know how funds are being spent?

This website will provide detailed information about the Partnership’s Organizational Budget and Grants.  We will also issue semi-annual public reports about our progress, learnings, and outcomes.  Additionally, where the Partnership’s grantees are public agencies, the agencies themselves will share information about how the funds are being spent.