The Partnership for Connecticut

Governing Board and Staff

Who serves on the Board and why were they chosen?

The Board includes 13 directors who reflect the Partnership’s collaborative and bipartisan nature.  Please visit Governing Board to learn more about the individuals who comprise this diverse and representative board.  The four legislative leaders joined the Board because it offers an unprecedented opportunity to help Connecticut’s young people and communities.  Governor Lamont is a director and appointed three additional directors to the Board; and Dalio Philanthropies appointed four directors to the Board.  The directors were appointed based on their experiences and expertise in the areas of public education, youth development, workforce development, philanthropy, and community enterprise development, including social entrepreneurship and microfinance.  The final director is the organization’s President & CEO, who will join the Board once she or he is hired, which is expected in late fall.

When did the Board take effect and who served on the interim Board?

The Board took effect on July 15, 2019 and shall govern the organization until January 5, 2021.  Consistent with Public Act 19-117 § 185, an interim Board governed the organization before July 15, 2019.  The interim Board was comprised of three directors: Barbara Dalio (Chair); Erik Clemons (Treasurer); and Sheena Graham (Secretary).

What is the Partnership’s process for hiring its leadership and staff?

To find an excellent CEO to lead our efforts, the Board created a dedicated Search Committee that met on a regular basis to discuss candidates, conduct interviews and develop the process by which final candidates would be considered and approved by the Board and Members.  It was important to us that members of the Search Committee represented a diverse range of perspectives and were experienced in senior-level searches and hiring processes.  We had a wide range of candidates and, in total, we sourced 261 individuals and interviewed 33 candidates, with more than half from Connecticut.  Now that Mary Anne Schmitt Carey has been hired as CEO, she will work with the Board to develop an organizational structure for the Partnership and then hire additional staff. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Partnership’s CEO?

As the face of the Partnership, Mary Anne Schmitt Carey, as the CEO, will be working closely with the Board, State leaders and agencies, community stakeholders, youth, and other experts to achieve positive, long-term engagement and significantly improved education and career outcomes for high-school aged youths in communities across Connecticut.  Mary Anne’s core responsibilities include (1) designing, advancing, and executing the Partnership’s strategy; (2) developing and leading stakeholder engagement; (3) building and overseeing staffing and operations; (4) leading fundraising efforts; (5) maintaining accountability for excellent youth outcomes; and (6) serving as the Partnership’s spokesperson.