The Partnership for Connecticut

Our Approach

Making the Partnership inclusive and impactful is a top priority.  The Partnership was launched with an aspirational vision and clarity around the goals for benefiting youth and communities, but with many of the details intentionally left open to be shaped and finalized with input from community members and other experts.

The Partnership will grow to involve many stakeholders, including philanthropists, business leaders, public officials, community stakeholders, non-profit leaders, public school educators, and young people themselves.    

The Partnership will engage with community through meetings and other forums to learn about community priorities, to listen, and to brainstorm ideas for generating positive solutions aligned to the Partnership’s mission and goals.  In the months ahead, this page will include additional ways to share information and learn about future engagement opportunities.

The governing board and staff truly look forward to working with all stakeholders to build this important initiative together for the betterment of our common community.